Awards: Bronze A' Design Award Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category 2016 - 2017 - Puerto Cancún - Cancún. México.

Inspiration: The Design Concept is inspired by the aerodynamic lines and elegance of VanDutch yachts and the natural elements of the Caribbean, with the main objective as Recreational, Sports Integration spaces with Social Activities within the views of the canal and the golf course, inspired by boat and marina lifestyle.

Van Dutch Yachts: Design Concept The elegance and aerodynamic lines of the Van Dutch yachts were the main source of inspiration for the design concept of the complex, focusing on the main views of the surrounding environment.

Digital Design: Latest BIM technology: This project was developed using the latest BIM technology for digital project design. The working methodology is completely three-dimensional because it does not create drawings, but rather creates intelligent digital models of the design.  These models also contain a constructive database capable of generating any kind of digital information depending on the project phase in such a way that advancing the development of a project is equivalent to advancing the level of detail of the model.  The information generated through a BIM work system is reliable, visual and of the best quality, since all the elements are connected to the same model. This system allows you to create a stunning 3D visual model of the project through each of its execution phases.

Production, Realization Technology: Design was developed entirely with BIM (Building Information Modeling) Technology. From the design phase, documentation and fabrication. iPhone/iPad A360 cloud 3D model was always on site for better people understanding about construction phases, from steel structure, MEP, and aluminum clading facade.

Solar Geometry Analysis The site contained an existing metallic structure; a single-level showroom that was surveyed and digitalized into a 3D model. With the help of Autodesk Revit, a preliminary volumetric study was conducted to analyze the solar geometry to determine the bioclimatic response of the future sports facility.

Conceptual Design The site, the existing building and the future installations were now reflected in a 3D model environment.  Conceptual design sketches were drawn on the volumetric images in digital sketch on iPad with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro software. Later we proceeded to elaborate the 3D model and the solution of the integral project in BIM in Autodesk Revit.

Immersive Visualization Photorealistic renders were created with Autodesk 3Dsmax using the same BIM model, with the objective of visualizing the project in the form of digital images and creating more realistic worksheets.  The same model was transferred to a specialized video game software, UnReal Engine, to immerse the client in a virtual reality experience using 3D Oculus goggles, allowing a complete understanding of the project before being built.

Documentation The technical information and documentation of the executive project was created entirely in BIM in Autodesk Revit, allowing a more thorough understanding of the project and a better coordination of each worksheet as the real-time representation of the 3D BIM model. Because the information continues to develop during the process of design and the level of detail required increases, it allows information to be more efficient and easy to coordinate when different disciplines share the same 3D model.

Digital Fabrication The production of the aluminum panel facades is based on the 3D model, generating its digital display in the industrial design software Rhinoceros 3D. This allows the panels to be created piece by piece, cut using CNC cutting machinery, then labeled numerically to facilitate a perfect assembly. Likewise, the entire metal structure was manufactured in a workshop and then assembled on-site.

On-Site Building Coordination Autodesk a360, a cloud-based software, allowed the visualization and coordination of the digital BIM model, containing all the construction information. This model, with all its layers of architecture, installations and structure, was always available on-site using an iPad and/or an iPhone, which allowed for better communication with each contractor and a more thorough understanding of the project through each phase.  Being able to isolate each piece of work in context and see it in 3D through a digital medium, allowed for a successful execution.

Social Infrastructure and Public Space The Van Dutch Recreation Center will provide Cancun with a new social infrastructure facility, promoting the use of public, sporting and recreational space.

Recreational and sporting integration:

Conceived as a new space to bring people together with the goal of integrating society. Van Dutch features the following- Sports spaces Green roof and elevated square Outdoor recreation and exhibition spaces Terrace and pier with canal view Themed restaurants Landscape integration

The project offers a unique and contemporary avant-garde design developed with the latest technologies. Accessibility and Pedestrian Circulation Conceived for its accessibility and designed for all the public, the pedestrian use creates city and welcomes the user from the outside.  Conversion of Previous Spaces (Use-Cycling) Sustainability is promoted by recycling the use of previous spaces, generating an intelligent conversion of construction, and adapting and adding new elements to the architectural program.

Commercial (Conversion of Prior Building) Sports Recreational Services Social Integration Retail (Yacht Showroom)

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