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About Us | What We Believe

Our design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation, but always user-focused and with a great respect for the environment. We believe that architecture is art, but it must have functional utility to the user, be comfortable and adapt to the site. Architecture should provide a variety of human sensations, it must create a connection between the user and the city, between the site and the environment, and it must be useful, logical, beautiful and sustainable.
User Focused
Our main interest is creativity and design, from small to large scale, whether furniture, interior spaces, or large buildings. We approach every project with the same mentality: be innovative, be sustainable and pay attention to detail.​


We believe that design is the solution that responds to a detailed analysis of use, context and requirements. Before designing a single line, everything must be taken into consideration, that way, the result will be straight forward and always as an answer to solve its mission. Data and information must be ordered and structured visually with all their context in order to provoque concepts and ideas that responds to them, the interrelation and integration of these ideas will form the basis of the design.​​


The bioclimatic design is one that achieves optimal conditions of habitability with minimum energy consumption through a complete adaptation to its climate and environment. Architecture intelligently designed through eco-technologies to be self-regulated, ideally self-sufficient, where energy consumption is minimised for its operation, resulting in lower monthly family economic expenses.​
It is mostly to use free sources of natural energy such as natural air to cool the rooms, heat the water by means of the sun, ensure better thermal insulation and window projection to avoid heating the interior spaces, which reduce the use of air conditioning in most of the year, and be able to avoid energy and economic waste, as well as avoid environmental pollution with the waste generated, achieving a healthier home with visible benefits in the short and long term.


We believe the user must be the center and purpose of design, architecture must be functional and confortable. User focused design is an iterative design process in which design is focused on the user and their needs in each phase of the design process. Generally, each iteration of the design approach involves four distinct phases. First, to understand the context in which users will use the spaces.

Then, to identify and specify the users’ requirements. A design phase follows, in which the design is developed as solutions. Then, the design is processed to an evaluation phase, the design is evaluated against context and user requirements to check how well will perform. From here, design must be further iterated on these four phases and continue until the evaluation results are satisfactory.
Context of
Evaluation on
User focused design considers the whole user experience, from start to finish, including day and night, seasons of the year, present and future.


We believe in design innovation, new and fresh creative ideas, constant improvements, performance and growth. Innovation always sees ahead, does not conform to what is established, questions what exists and seeks new methodologies, is what puts someone ahead of the rest. Innovation in design generates unique experiences, gives more meaning to space and makes architecture something remarkable.

Design innovation also includes new processes to make the client part of the design, through better communication, understanding and immersive visualisation.

About Us

About Us | How We Work

We work very closely with our clients and always with the latest technology to communicate with them, that way we can establish a very effective collaboration to co-design the project.


Client involvement means involving people that use services; in the planning, delivery and development of those services. A client's perspective is invaluable as they can share their experience of support and help an organisation adapt its practices to their needs.
A project is not only about the result, is about enjoying the journey with the client


Our design process is based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) as a key technology. By creating three-dimensional models that have a database with the ability to generate different information through the design and construction phases, we can design, plan and manage projects more efficiently. The work methodology is totally three-dimensional with BIM technology, we do not create drawings that represent a design, we create intelligent digital models of the design itself. These models also contain a constructive database capable of generating any type of digital information depending on the phase in which the project is located, so that advancing the development of a project is equivalent to advancing the level of detail of the project. model. The information that is generated through a BIM work system is completely reliable, visual and of the best quality, since all the elements are connected to the same model. This system allows you to create a stunning 3D visual information of a related 4D timeline project and its execution phases.


As a working tool for a better understanding of all those involved in the project, the BIM digital model is shared through an online viewing platform, where the model with all its layers of information can be studied in 3D, with the purpose of conducting revisions of project or field display.


We carry out a digital display presentation in an integrated way to the work process through interactive tours or virtual animation of the project.


As a tool of the latest technology, we present the project in Virtual Reality through the latest generation of Stereoscopic lenses. This allows you to make an inverted visit to the spaces and really feel like you are there!

About Us

About Us | What We Do

Sanzpont is an award-winning international architecture firm with offices in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago. Our main interest is creativity, design and the constant search for innovation. We strive to create connections between people and spaces, always prioritising sustainability and the environment. Having offices in three countries, Spain, Mexico and the United States, has allowed us to create an important network of professionals and companies that work with us to ensure the successful completion of our designs around the world.


Every project we take, we focus to the maximum to achieve avant-garde designs, which overcome all challenges and exceed the expectations of the client and users. This gives us the ability to work on excellent projects that can be recognised nationally and internationally for their quality, specifically benefiting the project providing intangible value to the property.

"We strive to create connections between people and spaces, always prioritising sustainability and the environment."


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Our offices are located in Barcelona, Cancún and Chicago, but thanks to technology we can do projects on all over the world.

Bac de Roda 136
08020, Barcelona

Av. de Buendía 11
19005 Guadalajara (Madrid)

373 Hazel Ave, Apt A1
60022, Glencoe, Illinois
United States

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