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"We believe that architecture must aim to find the balance between art, function and logic, always cost conscious to add value & utility to the user, be comfortable and adapt to the site"
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SANZPONT is an award-winning international architecture firm with offices in Barcelona, Cancún, Chicago and Santo Domingo. Our main interest is creativity, design and the constant search for innovation. We strive to create connections between people and spaces, always prioritising sustainability and the environmental environment. Having offices in four countries; Spain, Mexico,  United States and Dominican Republic, has allowed us to create an important network of professionals and companies that work with us to ensure the successful completion of our designs around the world.


We take immense pride in being recipients of more than 100 international awards in architecture and design. This prestigious recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in every project. Our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of doing things right, prioritizing client satisfaction at every turn. Central to our ethos is a dedication to sustainable design, ensuring that our creations not only stand out aesthetically but also contribute positively to the environment. Each award in our collection symbolizes our promise to deliver exceptional, eco-friendly designs that resonate with our clients’ aspirations and values.


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"When it comes to the construction and renovation of spaces that respect the environment, efficient designs and the use of innovative technology, Sanzpont is a benchmark."

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"Twin brothers Victor and Sergio Sanz Pont have truly spread their creativity and design expertise all over the world. They founded their architecture and design firm with the goal of bringing creativity, user focus, and environmental respect to international projects both large and small."

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"We are very happy to share the final result of the total renovation of the office building at Diagonal 525, which will house the new Naturgy corporate headquarters. The success of the project is largely due to the fantastic design and collaboration with sanzpont [arquitectura], with whom we worked as a team. The property stands out for bringing together the highest benefits in terms of sustainability and innovation, as well as an excellent location within the Prime CBD area of Barcelona. Do not miss the timelapse of the project in this link"

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"The best design concepts always derive from harnessing the wellness or well-being of an individual, continuing to create a sustainable lifestyle for both tenant and visitor alike. NOOM is the perfect example of such a concept. Vibrant, green, and effortlessly beautiful, the sanctuary is a place to soothe your soul and be one with nature."


"Sanzpont Arquitectura is one of the most avant-garde emerging firms in Mexico, Barcelona and Chicago. Always seeking the relationship between architecture and the environment, his designs are characterized by liquid and very organic forms that emerge from the location of each project. That is why each design is unique and always respecting the relationship with the environment."

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"The architecture studio defends sustainability and technological innovation from collaborative work and understanding of the environment. For Sergio Sanz Pont, architecture is an artistic language capable of connecting people with spaces, defending the environment and cultural diversity. Two principles that led him to found Sanzpont studio together with his brother, Víctor, in 2004 and to expand his firm throughout the world. "

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Our offices are located in Barcelona, Cancún, Chicago and Santo Domingo, but thanks to technology we can do projects on all over the world.

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08020, Barcelona

Av. de Buendía 11
19005 Guadalajara (Madrid)

373 Hazel Ave, Apt A1
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