Ocoabay is located in Azua, Dominican Republic, one of 13 Caribbean countries. Azua is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic, which is located in the southwestern region of the country and bordered to the northwest by San Juan, to the west by Bahoruco, to the southwest by Barahona, to the south by the Caribbean Sea, to the northeast by La Vega, to the east by San José de Ocoa and to the southeast by Peravia.

According to the topographic plan, the lot is spread out over an area of 1,568,814.62 square meters (16,886,580 square feet) which varies between regular and mountainous. The regular areas maintain a constant slope, while the mountainous areas offer more variation including flatter sections where buildings were placed.


The general concept of Ocoabay revolves around the only vineyard in the Caribbean. This unique environment is what surrounds and gives life to this tourist destination.  Ocoabay is the only development in the Caribbean that is based on wine production and the vineyard experience, which is why the vineyard itself is the inspiration that governs the design of the project. The Dominican Republic is one of the richest cultural and nature destinations, making Ocoabay one of the best destinations in all of the Caribbean.


The Ocoabay project is divided into two phases; the first phase includes a Boutique Hotel, Villas and an ApartHotel, plus an extensive variety of activities, which surround the vineyards, generating a circuit. PHASE I has a higher construction density than PHASE II since the latter is considered a natural reserve area, therefore the activities and works located within this phase are of low environmental impact.  The activity areas within the project are linked one by one along the perimeter roads forming a circuit, allowing ease of mobility and orientation for guests and residents. The villas are the most densely occupied area and are organized in clusters around the large, central vineyard. This clustered organizational approach makes the location of each villa ideal.  Ocoabay is a development focused on sustainability. Each of the areas contemplate a series of passive sustainable design strategies, combining the design concept with functionality to take advantage of the natural riches and merge architecture with the natural environment.

Furthermore, this organizational approach allows for the division of infrastructure and basic services, such as electricity and water, to be clearly controlled and operated by section. Also, the layout of the tertiary roads functions clearly and concisely by connecting each cluster to the secondary roads that surround the perimeter of the large, central vineyard, connecting each villa to the center of the project.


Strategies are considered to reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiency of the building, making use of renewable energy for lighting and making the most of natural light, in addition to the generation of energy, by means of solar photovoltaic panels, located on the roof. Efficient installations are also very important, as well as the artificial lighting system, which is proposed with a high efficiency LED system.


Natural lighting is achieved through the facade of extra clear glass solar control, promoting the best use of natural light during the day creating an adequate thermal environment.


The selection of responsable and local materials in proposed to minimize the amount of waste in the construction, as well as materials with recycled components and of low environmental impact.


A more intelligent use of drinking water is applied, both inside and outside the building, using technologies to reduce consumption, efficient installations, water recycling through the separation of gray water, taking advantage of then to irrigate green areas, as well as their control and measurement.

Hotel and Tourism
In Progress
Dominican Republic

• A’ Design Award, Milan, Italy: Silver A' Design Award - A' Spatial Design Award
• ReThinking The Future, New Delhi, India: Second Award - Mixed Use Concept
• World Architecture Awards 10+5+X: Designed Category

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