The challenge was to bring our contemporary design ideas to a very distinctive neighborhood, The Highlands, and to utilize a typical plan of two volumes of apartments divided by an alley. We accepted the challenge of creating our first residential architectural project in the US. Having previously completed several retail design projects in NY, TX, MD and FL, we were excited for this new creative opportunity!  Thanks to the local architecture firm S-Arch for partnering with us to make 29ZEN a reality.


After visiting the site, its surroundings and several comparable properties in the area, we discovered a distinctive concept when designing townhomes in Denver; the repetition of the units with only a slight variation in the façade. We decided to preserve this concept while adding a building envelope that would wrap the volume and unify the units, so they are perceived as a continuous structure.  We wanted to impart a sense of identity and uniqueness to the building, creating distinctive elements that will make it recognizable. We chose to emphasize the horizontality with long straight lines, creating the appearance of a longer building. The building envelope that wraps the structure becomes a pergola/canopy at the rooftop, creating the most identifiable characteristic of the design.

We were very clear from the beginning that the color palette of the façade should be clean and contemporary, with a touch of warmth that is necessary for any housing project. Inspired by the rocks of the snowy mountains of Denver, we chose to use an innovative Porcelanosa product, an ultra-thin, large-format, ventilated porcelain tile system. The texture of the white stony marble is inherent to Denver’s snowy winters. In addition, elements of wood texture provide necessary warmth and offer a subtly elegant appearance. The third component is stainless steel, which complements the other elements with an industrial edge.

The layout of the living spaces is not typical. The dining and living spaces are located on the third floor, with direct access to the rooftop. This promotes daily use of the outdoor spaces during the warmer months.

Architecture Design: sanzpont [arquitectura]
Architect Of Record: S-Arch
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