August 20, 2021

The architectural utilitarianism of Sanzpont. An interview at Grupo Porcelanosa.

"For Sergio Sanz Pont, architecture is an artistic language capable of connecting people with spaces, defending the environment and cultural diversity. Two principles that led him to found the SanzPont studio in 2004 together with his brother, Víctor, and to expand his firm throughout the world.

With offices in Barcelona, ​​Mexico and Chicago, at Sanzpont they seek to establish new dynamics of life through innovation, direct communication with the client, creativity and bioclimatic design, thus putting practicality before the purely aesthetic. A premise that has led them to build sustainable and self-sufficient buildings capable of producing their own energy through the reuse of natural resources and where the individual becomes the center of social and architectural action.

An architecture studio that prioritizes collaborative work with the BIM method. From it they create three-dimensional, efficient, global models that are committed to nature that later adapt to the territory integrating their particularities to the final idea.

Winners of the Milan A 'Design Award for the Ocoabay wine hotel (2019), of the AAI Mexico Peninsula Architecture and Interior Design Award for the Carmen-Boutique Resort Hotel (2018) or of the Chicago International Architecture Award for the Panel Pavilion Rey (2014), Sanzpont seeks to live with the environment from the understanding and adaptation to it. It is the new era of organic architecture."

- Porcelanosa

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