June 6, 2021

Sanzpont featured in Autodesk.es

We are very grateful to Autodesk for having published us on their website as a success story. A report where he explains our philosophy and way of working, in addition to highlighting our most recent project in Barcelona; D525 for Colonial and Naturgy.

More Info 👉🏼: https://www.autodesk.es/customer-stories/sanzpont






When it comes to the construction and renovation of spaces that respect the environment, efficient designs and the use of innovative technology, Sanzpont is a benchmark. The spirit and values of the company have led them to coordinate projects of any scale and with an international team from the hand of BIM 360, always involving their client and with a central axis: building by and for people.


The Sanzpont firm was born from the dream of two twin brothers named Sergio and Víctor Sanz Pont to work on something that they had always been passionate about: creating spaces and buildings adapted for the use of people. Likewise, the company's philosophy is based on its passion for creativity, design and the constant search for innovation. Work in order to create connections between people and spaces, always prioritizing sustainability and the environment.

Photos of the new corporate headquarters of Naturgy, located at Diagonal 525, Barcelona. Building owned by Inmobiliaria Colonial. Courtesy of Sanzpont.

Sanzpont designs seek to be at the forefront, but always focused on the user and with great respect for the environment. For the company, architecture is art, but it must have a functional utility for people, be comfortable and adapt to the environment that surrounds it.

"We have stopped drawing lines that make up plans, to build architecture digitally with the BIM methodology."
—Sergio Sanz Pont, Director and co-founder, Sanzpont


The implementation of BIM was a natural and logical process for the evolution of the company. Its use has brought them many benefits, the first of which and very important is to enjoy their profession even more. This methodology also gives them a global vision of work on projects of any scale, through a global coordination that integrates all the necessary information, from the construction elements to the development of the project itself, and all this, through the same source of three-dimensional information. Allowing them to first build a project in a virtual way, to have a much better studied base and to be able to take it to the material world with greater effectiveness and a significant reduction in errors.

This tool has become essential for the team of architects, since it has reduced the time of managing drawings and plans, opening the possibility of a much more intuitive and easy collaboration when coordinating with their offices in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago. Now, Sanzpont's projects are solved by a global team that enables them to provide their clients with reliable information that improves complex design challenges.

Concepts implemented for the sustainable rehabilitation of the envelope of the D525 building in Barcelona. Courtesy of Sanzpont.

With the aim of building efficiently and sustainably anywhere in the world, in Sanzpont they face new projects with a complete analysis of the environment, climate, orientation of the land, the needs of their clients and all the requirements to take into account. Then they are responsible for making a basic conceptual model to test it virtually and see its behavior in software.

Once the previous analysis has been carried out, two parallel lists are generated, one of requirements and the other of elements to be implemented by concept, innovation or creative elements. After having all the ingredients defined, then the design phases begin, turning everything studied into lines. They use digital trace tools such as Autodesk Sketchbook, with layers and brushes to create very basic models in Revit, where they study the geometry and from there they add details.

"BIM 360 has been key to collaborative work in our 3 offices; having a team spread over different time zones and in a coordinated manner in different locations thanks to the use of the cloud is very advantageous."
—Sergio Sanz Pont, Director and co-founder, Sanzpont


They integrate the use of technology in their day to day, involving the client during the design process through 3D visualizations, in real time or even with virtual reality glasses. They consider that a project is not only the end goal, but also the fact of enjoying the journey together with their clients. The successes are not only the results, it is also the enjoyment of the day to day while working on them.

Its base for all projects is Revit, which connects with various visualization tools such as Autodesk Viewer, Form It, BIM 360 Design, Unreal Engine, Enscape, Twinmotion and Sketchfab. In the case of 3ds Max, they use it for modeling and visualization of some projects, its main advantage being spatial flexibility. Form It Pro, for conceptual modeling and analysis of solar radiation. Autodesk Insight is geared towards energy efficiency analysis. Revit LT for small projects that can be carried out individually. AutoCAD LT in the case of sharing DWG drawings generated in Revit. Navisworks for synchronized project views.

"Technology gets us closer every day, and the world of telecommunications has advanced a lot. This gives us the opportunity to collaborate very easily with different teams, wherever they are, and globally. If you add this, to the fact of basing working on reliable software like Autodesk, the possibilities are endless."
—Sergio Sanz Pont, Director and co-founder, Sanzpont


One of Sanzpont's most recent projects is the new Naturgy headquarters, located in the city of Barcelona. This project consisted of the comprehensive rehabilitation of an office building of 5,800 m2 above ground and 1,200 m2 below ground for Inmobiliaria Colonial as property and Naturgy as the sole tenant in corporate headquarters. Their goal was to substantially improve the building and achieve LEED Gold certification.

The D525 project has been carried out in Revit and BIM 360 Design, a factor that has been key for its development and coordination with all engineering, teamwork and the solution to complex challenges. In addition, the project has been visualized to support decision-making in conjunction with the property and the construction company.

Design and collaboration with Autodesk Revit and BIM 360 Design in the sustainable rehabilitation project of the D525 building in Barcelona. Courtesy of Sanzpont.

Having the support of a technological partner such as SEYS, Official Autodesk Gold Partner Distributor, has facilitated the transition process to the BIM methodology in the technical part and in the implementation with the teams. In addition to having support for the solution of technical problems, they also received personalized training on new products, types of licensing and solutions according to the specific needs of the study.


PHOTOS: David Cardelús (Courtesy of Naturgy), Dani Rovira (Courtesy of Colonial), Sergio Sanz (Courtesy of Sanzpont)

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