August 17, 2020

DSSH Bridge | 1st Place International Competition 🥇

From time to time, and with the aim of breaking paradigms and the pleasure of experimenting, we like to participate in ideas competitions that help us stretch our imagination. In this case, we were fortunate to win first place in an international ideas competition that consisted of designing a pedestrian bridge between two existing buildings.


What if architecture could dynamically shapeshift according to its use? Creating a bridge almost as if it were a living being, with a design that could react and move, that is self-sustainable, that captures energy from the sun with photovoltaic cells and that through plants also cleans the air. A visionary design that at night is self-illuminated with LED lighting integrated into the structure.


Being a flexible tensile structure, by applying more tension to different points, a technological dynamic deformation can be achieved in response to the people crossing the bridge.🚶🏻‍♂️

DSSH (Dynamic ShapeShifting Helix) Bridge

Enjoy every challenge. Be different. Innovate.
Separate yourself from the rest.

#architecture #parametric #design #sustainability #shapeshifting #bridge
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