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Combat Gameplay

More months have gone by and more progress has slowly been made.

Recently I reached a point where I felt the Combat has enough of the features and general direction that I want. So I made a small round of testing with some friends and colleagues, and the feedback I’ve gathered has given me quite some insight as to what to improve for the gameplay. In general I feel that things are looking good :)

Here’s a video of what’s mostly¬†the current state of the combat system. Sadly it doesn’t include dismemberment (the kills were not very lethal) and dodging (I just forgot to do it, and the AI can’t do it yet)


’till next time

Prison Escape Intro Cinematic

It’s been a long road down this game’s development, and finally I’m able to release footage with content that represents the level of quality I’m aiming for. Even if it doesn’t show any gameplay, it’s all captured in-game and shows the scene in which the game takes place.

I present you, the Intro Cinematic of my game Elium – Prison Escape



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