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The mobile game

Ever since the annoucement of UE4 I’ve been thinking about the development of this game. Since this is meant to be a small game over which the next game will be built on over multiple iterations, it doesn’t make much sense to work on an engine that has its days counted. As such it’s only natural to move over to UE4 and port all my code to it once it becomes available.

In the meantime I’ll be working on an idea I’ve had for a while but only barely started and had parked: a mobile Elium game, a smaller-scope project that hopefully I’ll be able to finish in a decent timeframe. The key will be some very linear gameplay and little to no RPG elements. In general the universe of Elium is one with only mild magic, but in this case I’ll need the main character to cast magic as part of the gameplay to keep things interesting.

For a few weeks now I’ve worked sparingly on the main character, some sort of cleric-warrior hybrid who will have unique magic-casting powers. Here’s the finished model:


Hopefully updates will come more swiftly now.