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While this isn’t relevant to Elium anymore (not for the near-medium future anyway), someone asked me over at the forums about my waves setup and how they look in motion. Here’s a video of it:


The effect was achieved by using a really large FluidSurfaceActor for the ocean and a few FluidInfluenceActors that make the waves, all of which are animated with Matinee to roam in a loop along the coastline to create the waves all over the game terrain.

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Reworked my level Master Material

(Yes I know I jump from one unfinished thing to the next one. The KMotionCapturer update should come sometime soon).

Inspired by [the work of d1ver] at the forums I’ve reworked my level Master Material. The significant part is that the material uses only a NormalMap (which includes a HeightMap inside it) as artist-created textures, the rest is semi-procedural: it’s colored via a Gradient Mapping technique (using the HeightMap), then it blends 4 extra detail textures (all packed in the same one) at different scales and intensities, and does some edge detection (using the HeightMap) to add damage to “edges” in the texture.
It works alongside the standard BumpOffset used for parallax bump, and some extra Gradient Mapping used as Specular too.

The result using a rush-job texture in some very poorly UVWMapped dungeon hallway meshes is the following: