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New armor

Just dropping by to show the new armor I made for NPC’s for Aiove Defense.

Here I caught a Defender finishing off an Attacker, who ended up one head shorter.







Also the [Voting Page] for the UPC Videogame Competition I entered is up. There are lots of games with plenty of talent in there so if you have a minute check them out. If you like mine please vote for me, it’s under the name ‘Elium – Aiove Defense’

HitMask Blood

I finally got around to use the HitMask feature on UDK uniquely on each of the character’s body parts (by making every body part a unique Actor attached to the Pawn), which has allowed me to make the game “paint” a mask where fighting hits are detected, so it serves as a mask to display blood at the precise place a character was hit.

To fully show the effect I used a Bow to shoot an enemy. Here’s how the poor guy ended up:


Tutorial: BoneBreak for dismemberment

As originally posted in the UDK forums here comes a more permanent page including this mini-tutorial, which will guide you through the steps to have body part disemberment in your characters using the BoneBreak feature in UDK, a mostly unknown and undocumented feature.

If you follow the guide properly you’ll be able to see the enemy’s head chopped off cleanly. In my case I also have it set up for more body parts :)








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