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Combat Gameplay

More months have gone by and more progress has slowly been made.

Recently I reached a point where I felt the Combat has enough of the features and general direction that I want. So I made a small round of testing with some friends and colleagues, and the feedback I’ve gathered has given me quite some insight as to what to improve for the gameplay. In general I feel that things are looking good :)

Here’s a video of what’s mostly the current state of the combat system. Sadly it doesn’t include dismemberment (the kills were not very lethal) and dodging (I just forgot to do it, and the AI can’t do it yet)


’till next time

New armor

Just dropping by to show the new armor I made for NPC’s for Aiove Defense.

Here I caught a Defender finishing off an Attacker, who ended up one head shorter.







Also the [Voting Page] for the UPC Videogame Competition I entered is up. There are lots of games with plenty of talent in there so if you have a minute check them out. If you like mine please vote for me, it’s under the name ‘Elium – Aiove Defense’

Gameplay video

For the past few weeks I’ve been working in wrapping things a little, as I needed to create a video for a local student/indy game development competition.
Besides all of the action which shows swordfighting and shooting with a bow, you can see some small new level stuff like a small mountain stream with a bridge and some more rocks and vegetation.
It’s still very much a work-in-progress, but besides the excess of movements from the bots (which cause fights to look messy) and a few things that don’t work the way they should, I’m happy with it so far :)


Improved hit detection

For a while I’ve been meaning to improve the hit detection system used in melee fights. Today I was inspired by this video and decided it was a good time to get my hands on it.

The old system is what people in the UDK forums usually do or suggest: To detect a melee hit run a trace from the weapon’s hilt to the tip every frame while an attack animation is playing. This solution presents a number of problems, the most important one about its accuracy.

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Dual Wielding

Here’s a new video showing the dual wielding system. The two swords are actually different weapons, they just use the same meshes.

You can also see how item dropping looks like (with physics), and picking up items and equipping them in action (notice the scabbards being equipped/unequipped too)