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Prison Escape Intro Cinematic

It’s been a long road down this game’s development, and finally I’m able to release footage with content that represents the level of quality I’m aiming for. Even if it doesn’t show any gameplay, it’s all captured in-game and shows the scene in which the game takes place.

I present you, the Intro Cinematic of my game Elium – Prison Escape



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Character Basics Revised

Hey everyone,

I’ve been extra busy the last months and I haven’t been able to work on this game nearly as much as I’d want to. Most of the time I’ve been able to do so has been spent in reworking the game’s animations overall, but I’ve also had time to code a little, still in the character department.

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Tutorial: Working AnimNodeBlendDirectional alternative

Long time no see but I’m back with a new tutorial.

For a while I’ve had this problem when using an AnimNodeBlendDirectional node in a character’s AnimTree, where blending one direction after the next one usually makes the node go through yet another direction first which causes a visible and ugly glitch. There’s been a number of forum threads about it like this guy Mariusz describes in [his blog], and his solution (the only one I’ve found so far) focuses on making the blends so fast that you don’t see the problem (but pretty much won’t see the desired blend either). So here I present my own solution.

The idea is to get rid of the whole AnimNodeBlendDirectional node and handling it differently: part by code and part in the AnimTree.

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KMotion Capturer (and my plans for it)

A few months ago I heard about using a Kinect Sensor for Motion Capture to create animations. I bought one and tried using Brekel but the results were not good enough and the workflow wasn’t too straightforward either. Now a few days ago while searching (and avoiding the almost-omnipresent iPiSoft) I found a free open-source software called KMotion Capturer by Akira32 (site is in Chinese but he usually translates his KMotion Capturer related posts).

This software captures from Kinect and saves it into a .ms (MaxScript) file for use in 3ds Max. While you’re not able to see the real-time movements directly in your character, the result is an animated Biped skeleton which allows for easy transfer of the animation into your own character. Mocap is only ever a base for animations which requires adjusting and cleanup (further in this case, since the Kinect doesn’t capture fingers) so it doesn’t represent a problem.
It also uses Voice Commands for the different functions so it’s easy to use even without being at the keyboard to control it.

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Snippet: Playing an AnimTree animation from the start

Back when I was starting with AnimTrees and scripting I encountered a problem when trying to play a non-looping animation from within the AnimTree: once an anim sequence node becomes relevant it will start playing the animation at the time it was if it was played before, which means the animation will only play from the start the first time.
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