Dynamic Weather System

After a long time into the day/night and weather system I finally could get it to a point where I’m satisfied with it.
Here’s a video that also shows some of the looks of the game with the new engine (UDK)
Music is original by my friend Coes, done long ago for this game
Make sure you watch in HD!


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    • Chosker says:

      Used Script. Did it in Kismet first but when I got to the point of adding weather states to the day/night cycle Kismet just wasn’t enough

    • Chosker says:

      It’s pretty much a collection of tricks. The sky, clouds and fog interpolate between different “weather states”, which also affect rain and snow particle emitters and the terrain shader.
      Each of said weather states is a collection of variables with different values, one for every thing that I wanted to affect. Time interpolation and some hour/day/month-influenced randomness make it all alive.

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