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Living in Germany

Hey. in case anyone ever wondered, yes I’m still alive :)

I recently moved to Germany to work at Limbic Entertainment (finally a job in the games industry!) as a (trainee) programmer and all-around UnrealEngine guy, which is really awesome. It’s also great to finally be able to work side by side with other programmers as well as specialists from other areas like Level Design, Game Design or Art Direction, and in general getting to know how game development really works outside the hobbyist/indie world. So much to see, so much to learn.

For now that also means my motivation to keep doing games on my free time has decreased considerably since I’m already doing just that the rest of the time. Rest assured I’m still working on Elium but things are going quite slower now. I’m still determined to make my own game though, but unfortunately I can’t foresee it being finished before the year ends anymore.

till next time.


Elium is a non-linear 3D RPG, being developed with no budget by a single developer as a hobby project. Inspired by games like The Elder Scrolls, Assassins Creed and Mount & Blade, it’s focused on varied and interesting fighting mechanics, deep world exploration and all-around interaction.

Due to the ambitious nature of the project and the lack of people and resources on the development, Elium is being developed into quite smaller but fully wrapped games that will build on top of the previous one until it becomes the full game. The first of them is Elium – Dungeon Escape.


Elium – Dungeon Escape

Elium – Dungeon Escape is a game with a single objective: the player starts in a prison dungeon and needs to find his way out, avoiding or eliminating guards and picking up items and equipment to make such a task easier. It will also include the following additional features:

  • A medieval setting with 1stPerson/3rdPerson melee and ranged action combat.
  • Random dungeon generation: a new level layout every time the game is played.
  • Online highscores: an in-game uploading tool to compare the results of your game with other players, including goals such as time completed, enemies killed or health lost.