Combat Gameplay

More months have gone by and more progress has slowly been made.

Recently I reached a point where I felt the Combat has enough of the features and general direction that I want. So I made a small round of testing with some friends and colleagues, and the feedback I’ve gathered has given me quite some insight as to what to improve for the gameplay. In general I feel that things are looking good :)

Here’s a video of what’s mostly the current state of the combat system. Sadly it doesn’t include dismemberment (the kills were not very lethal) and dodging (I just forgot to do it, and the AI can’t do it yet)


’till next time

Still Progressing

It’s been a while but I’ve continued progressing slowly. Besides new animations and smaller combat mechanics (which are not ready to be shown) there’s nothing flashy to display around here :)

There are however, a handful of screenshots in the Elium IndieDB page that I hadn’t previously shown here. The last one includes my new minimalistic GUI redesign (the health and stamina bars are big but unobtrusive bars at each side of the screen – the Inventory screen remains unchanged), and the latest rework of the blood visuals.

Aside from that I’ve been focusing on the combat, which after all is the strongest feature this game is supposed to have. I’m seeing the light at the end though, I’m hoping the remaining time for combat can be counted in weeks.

Living in Germany

Hey. in case anyone ever wondered, yes I’m still alive :)

I recently moved to Germany to work at Limbic Entertainment (finally a job in the games industry!) as a (trainee) programmer and all-around UnrealEngine guy, which is really awesome. It’s also great to finally be able to work side by side with other programmers as well as specialists from other areas like Level Design, Game Design or Art Direction, and in general getting to know how game development really works outside the hobbyist/indie world. So much to see, so much to learn.

For now that also means my motivation to keep doing games on my free time has decreased considerably since I’m already doing just that the rest of the time. Rest assured I’m still working on Elium but things are going quite slower now. I’m still determined to make my own game though, but unfortunately I can’t foresee it being finished before the year ends anymore.

till next time.

Inventory Starter Kit

I’ve been working on an icon-based Inventory screen for a game and I decided to release it as a UDK Starter Kit, and now it’s ready for a release. Therefore I can now present Chosker’s RPG Inventory Starter Kit.




This Starter Kit implements an Inventory system into UDK including a Scaleform Inventory screen (written in ActionScript 2), integration with the Pawn’s Inventory Manager, weapon/Armor/Item stats, Weapon/Armor equipping along with an Armor attachment system, Item Dropping, and Pawn and Container Looting.

Much like UDN’s Starter Kits it is meant to serve as a basis for a new project, but there’s nothing to stop anyone from implementing it into an existing project’s code.
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Weapon Attachments

Small update for today.

I’ve revamped the weapon attachments system (which kinda worked but was buggy). It originally featured 2 sets of dual quickswap weapons + scabbards, equaling 4 weapons with their scabbards attached to the character at all times. As shown in the picture:
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